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Home automation system achieved great popularity in the last decades and it increases the comfort and quality of life. Nowadays most home automation systems consist of a smartphone and microcontroller. A smart phone application is used to control and monitor the home appliances using different type of communication techniques.
Now, via the features-rich and user-friendly App, users can, at the press of a button, remotely manage their energy usage and control core home functions like heating, lighting and shutters – all of which means optimized home comfort, safety, and energy consumption.
Over the past decade we have witnessed dramatic shifts in the residential sector, in terms of homeowners’ requirements and expectations, we recognize that homeowners expect easy-to-install home convenience solutions that deliver comfort, control, and efficiency that simply works. We are responding to this rapidly changing market with a new range of future-proof solutions, which are set to simplify the home living experience.
Users have their home in the palm of their hand - anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, at work, or on vacation, they can always access their Wiser App, for maximum comfort, efficiency, and safety.
Heating control – full temperature control, whether home or away
Users to tweak heating settings for the perfect home temperature. Warm and cozy comfort during those chilly winter evenings, not forgetting the energy savings that can be made while occupants are away.
Lighting control - for optimized ambiance, security, and efficiency
Select the ideal lighting for any occasion and see the world in a different light. Wiser lighting control projects the perfect ambiance for daily activities like reading, cooking, a movie in, or receiving guests.
Energy management
Occupants can check how much energy their solar panel installation is generating, and keep tabs on how much they are spending, appliance by appliance – including EVlink charged electric vehicles. And, they will be notified, should something require their attention – for maximum efficiency and safety.
Shutter control – for increased privacy and protection
A new way to enjoy home living. Now occupants can wake up gently as the early morning sun peeks through their opening shutters. And, at the simple press of a button, they can close their shutters for home privacy or for added security.
Future-proof technology
As the smart home market evolves, we will continue to deliver new products and features, to ensure that the smart home can grow and adapt to ever-evolving homeowners needs.